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I’m Kim Miles, a business coach that works with corporate executives, leaders and business owners who want to be better leaders, have better performance, and want positive outcomes and success based on effective action, mindset, and connection to their business and passion.

Below are the benefits and outcomes of coaching with me.

Executive Coaching Business & Life Coaching
  • Effective Leadership
  • Team development and synergy
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Improved corporate culture
  • Effective Change Management
  • Effective Time management
  • Clarity of vision and goals
  • Balanced Life
  • Increased Revenues & profitability
  • Vacations without loss of revenues

Through private coaching, personality assessments and workshops, my clients experience deeper connection with themselves, and their business that ultimately results in greater effectiveness.  Clients have complete access to their personal power, and a greater ability to connect with their team, clients and prospects. The results are increased revenues, greater ease in their business and greater joy in their lives.

Curious about the Executive Coaching?…

Read the 2013 ICF Organizational Coaching Study to learn more about coaching.

  • How coaching fits into organizational structures
  • Why firms initiate coaching
  • The triggers for hiring a coach
  • Criteria that organizations use to identify the most suitable coaches
  • How coaching is evaluated in organizations

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