How Solid is Your Personal Foundation?

If you are not in the coaching or personal development world, “personal foundation” may not have ever been a focus for you. Coach U defines the personal foundation as a person’s “structural basis that supports him or her in living an exceptional life…made up of three major elements..What, Who, and How“.

My clients are consistently looking for ways to improve areas of our lives – business, relationships, health, etc. In other words, they want to be “successful” in those areas. They want success to come easier, faster and have fun while they are doing it.

Many times I find that What people are doing for and in their business is not the issue. It is Who they are being when they are in action that poses the challenge. Understanding What to do is sometimes obvious and developing Who you need to be in order to have success is critical but often times looked over.

For example, a businessman (or woman) needs makes 10 calls to prospects to secure 5 appointments and establish 3 new clients. The phone calls are made and yet the results are 3 appointments and 0 new clients. The What he needs to do is defined and action is taken. The Who he was before during and after the call is where the problem lies. Was he comfortable in making the call, was he being genuine and sincere about providing a solution to his prospects, was he acting in integrity by following up after the call.

If you are taking action in your life or business and still not seeing the results you would like, it might be appropriate to strengthen your personal foundation so you can achieve the success you desire.

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