The Needs of Small Business Owners

In the Strategic Planning tele seminar I just held with my clients, we discussed the 5 Stages of Business Growth, 9 Key Components of a Business Model and then identified the necessary action items for maximum growth over a one and five year time period.  All of the participants identified 2-3 areas that needed the most attention for the desired business growth and have created a strategic plan that will get them there with much more ease.

As I reflect back on the learning that the participants experienced a few things came to mind regarding the needs of a Small Business Owner.
First, every small business owner needs a plan - A plan to succeed!! We have all heard the adage if you “fail to plan you plan to fail”.  Many business owners understand this at the daily action plan or small goal level but it became very apparent that the participants of the class had bigger better goals and visions when there were requested to step up to the plate and PLAY BIG!  I am so proud of each of the participants who gained awareness and decided to up their game.

Second, every small business owner needs a collaborative partner.  This can be a business partner, a mastermind group or a coach but the key is to have someone in your corner who will help pull out your best ideas, dreams and visions for your business and your life!  I recently hired an amazing coach, Melanie Benson Strict who has helped me generate bigger and better ideas than I ever dreamed – THANK YOU Melanie!!

Third, every small business owner needs a strong foundation.  In order to do this you must have a strong personal foundation which includes what I consider the four pillars of life – relationships, physical environment, health and well being, and finances.  When these four areas are strong and clear of tolerations or unattended business, you can succeed much faster with much more joy.  One of the pillars that I recently got in tip top shape is my physical environment.  I hired a professional organizer, Angel Cody of, to come in and do a make over of what I considered my fairly organized office.  The outside perspective she provided and “clutter” she cleared out was simply amazing!  Angela helped me set myself up for success in organization of the physical environment but also helped me clear the guess work of what to do with all of the stuff necessary to run a successful business.  THANK YOU Angela!!

My deeper understanding of my clients needs has propelled me forward and supported me in the massive expansion of my business and ability to support those who are ready, willing and able to take their businesses to the next level.

Coaching Question: What are you doing to get your Small Business Owner needs met

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