When Is Your Relater Present?

We have been looking at the CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile® and explored the Commander and Organizer.  So what did you find about these two types?  How often does your Commander (see previous blog on Commanders) drive you?  What about your Organizer (see previous blog on Organizer)?

Now, let’s look at the “R”- Relater characteristics.  Relaters are flexible and easy going.  They are loyal and kind and enjoy helping others.  They can calm others and create a stable environment with the good listening and advising skills.  They are consistent, predictable, thoughtful and methodical.

So when do you access the Relater in yourself?  What situations do you perform or behave as described above?  Who in your life brings out theRelater in you?

The coaching questions for the Relater are these…

  1. When would being a Relater serve you best?
  2. What emotions or thoughts would you express or repress in being a Relater?

Relaters are introverts and we know that each of us has the capacity and maybe even the desire for “down time” when we have been burning the candle at both ends or running with much intensity.  But remember that introversion is where you get energy from within where as the extrovert gets energy externally.

Your assignment is the same as last two weeks.  Take a personal inventory of when, in the past 2 weeks, has your Relater has stepped in to calm, stabilize and become methodical.  And how energized did you feel when it happened.

For me, the Relater is something I work at.  I access the Relater skills more so when I need to and less so automatically.  It is intentional…I call on my Relater instead of my Relater driving me.

If you found being a Relater feels draining or takes intention, look back at your energy level with the Commander and Organizer and stay tuned for next weeks blog when we cover the last of the four CORE MAP® types, the Entertainer.

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