Body Language Confidential by Traci Brown

Have you ever been talking with someone and the words coming out of their mouth doesn’t match the message you are receiving.  A great example of this is sarcasm.

Sarcasm is one type of communication that sends a conflicting message but what about all the other types of conflicting messages?  The limp handshake, the furrowed brow, crossed arms or rolling eyes.  I am specifically speaking about body language and my friend and colleague Traci Brown, is a body language expert who wrote a must have tool (aka book) for cracking the code of body language; Body Language Confidential.

This book gives you examples and pictures that help you recognize the meaning behind the movements that you witness with your colleagues, clients, spouse, kids and even people who find themselves on the evening news (politicians, athletes, criminals and others).

If you want to be better at communication you have to be better at understanding what is being communicated to you.  Body Language Confidential one of the best tools to have in your tool kit!

To busy the book, Body Language Confidential, and to learn more about Traci Brown go to her website.


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