Reflection of September 2013

September was filled with lots of movement, not only for me but many people in my sphere.

The Denver Metro area of Colorado experienced the worst rain fall/ flooding it has in 100 years.  Many people lost their homes and some even lost their lives.  As always, our local community stepped up to support those in need.  It is not a surprise the way Coloradans come together in love and support but to be quite honest, I feel the requirement for it due to tragedy has happened way to often as of lately.  I would love for Coloradans to have a few years without tragedies such as fires, floods, shootings, and rockslides.

In business I have been fortunate to have gained new client relationships with leadership teams and executives.  I am engaging in more corporate type mandates and getting to work with more and more clients that are motivated, engaged and excited to have a greater impact on their clients and ultimately the world.  I also am partnering with amazing people like strategic illustrators and other coaches so that we can deliver extremely valuable programs to clients.  I am so blessed to be able to do the things I am truly passionate about – executive and leadership team coaching, strategic planning events and workshop delivery.

And personally…well, my family and I got to work together to clean out the flooded basement which gave us an opportunity to clear some clutter and create a space that we love (it will be finished in 2 weeks).  My daughter is adapting to middle school and got great grades the first quarter.  And I have been working with my personal trainer for over a month now.  It’s all still a work in progress which is what life is all about :)

Through everything I feel I have developed some perspective, skills and tools to help me navigate this wonderful thing called life.  Here are the coaching topics that life has shined a light on this last month.

  • Perspective – Awareness that the basement flood was an inconvenience for us, not and earth shattering event.
  • Focus on the right things - opportunities ahead of me…new basement space, great clients and valuable offerings.
  • Team work – with the support of family and friends, the Miles Family and Colorado can accomplish any task put before us.

Coaching Question:  What do you have to reflect on from the last month that will positively influence your business or life?

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