The Dreaded Annual Review – From the Employees side.


We are in the 4th quarter and annual reviews are fast approaching for many companies.  Are you ready to receive feedback?

Some of you will experience a review something like this…”Well Bob, the company is doing well and the projects you have been on have given the profit we expected.  I know you want to move forward in your career and you scored a 4 out of 5 and in some cases a 5 out of 5 in of the key areas we look at for management positions.  Great job and keep up the good work and you will get there in no time.  Thanks so much for your hard work and go get em tiger”…So maybe that last line really isn’t said but you get the gist :)

And some of you may experience a review like this…”Well Jane, the projects you have been on have run over budget and behind schedule.  I know there are some factors out side of your control but you really need to work on being more efficient so we can make the profit we need to.  You scored, on average, a 2 out of 5 in the key performance areas. You really need to bring it up to a 3 or better or we won’t be able to keep you on these kinds of projects.  Do you think you can buckle down and turn it around?  Can you do what it takes so that you get your projects done on time and on budget?  Great, I knew you would be willing to get over this bump in the road.”

Both of these reviews happen more than they should and don’t help the employee navigate their challenges or successes, much less their careers.

If you are really interested in your career, your development, and let’s be honest your salary increases, they you need solid information with tangible actions and different ways to engage for the next year.  You don’t need a list of things to accomplish or a bigger target to hit.

What most people need is a map and a plan to be better at what they do, more engaged, more contributing, and more FULFILLED in their careers.

You need to know what that next level of fulfillment and success is, and how you can get there.

Here are a few tips for managing the annual review.

  1. Set Expectations of Success, for something better than your previous
  2. Have Solid Intentions for the meeting, intentions for learning and brainstorming how to develop yourself professionally and personally.
  3. Give Specifics of the things you did well, dates, actions and outcomes and impact
  4. Take ownership of the specific areas you need improvement
  5. Collaborate on Next Steps.  Know where you want to go next…regarding job fulfillment in terms of skills, contribution, and next steps.

My hope is that these tips will support you in having the best annual review ever.  Enjoy the process of learning about yourself and creating ways to be more fulfilled at work!

Stay tuned for the next blog The Dreaded Annual Review – From the Leaders side.

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