Why Leaders Need Coaching Skills

I recently took a survey asking if leaders thought coaching skills would help them better engage with their teams.  100% of the participants said “yes”.  So what does that tell us?  It tells us that we think coaching skills will help engagement but where else do coaching skills help?

I have found that the coaching skills I learned in order to become a coach have supported success in all of my interactions, personally and professionally.  They have helped with selling, negotiating, and understanding situations and people better than before.  Coaching skills have truly improved all of my relationships.

As a coach certified through the International Coach Federation (ICF), I am measured by 11 coaching competencies to maintain my certification.  I have found mastering each of these competencies critical to supporting my clients to success. Now, most leaders are not going to become certified coaches but they know that learning coaching skills will help them be better leaders.

Of the 11 coaching competencies, here are the ones that I believe are critical for leaders to maximize their effectiveness.

  • Establishing Trust
  • Direct Communication
  • Designing Actions
  • Planning and Goal Setting
  • Managing Progress and Accountability

And where can leaders apply these skills?  Here is a short list, to name a few

  1. Establishing Trust
    • Engaging with new or current team members
    • Selling an idea, product or service
  2. Direct Communication
    • Navigating a difficult conversation
    • Delivering Feedback
  3. Designing Actions
    • Managing projects and performance.
    • Supporting others in managing their activity, time and projects
  4. Planning and Goal Setting
    • Supporting team in setting their goals
    • Execution of projects or organizational strategic plans
  5. Managing Progress and Accountability
    • Customer/client management
    • Performance Reviews

As you can see, developing these 5 coaching skills can positively impact your team.  And with mastery they have the ability to transform your organization and life.

Coaching Question:  In what area of business or life would these skills immediately help you become more effective?

For the full list of ICF Core Competencies click here.

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