How Coaching can help Entrepreneurs with Holiday Stress

During the holidays entrepreneurs are running at lightning speed, just like the shoppers and big businesses who are trying to get the year closed out in Holiday Stressthe black. Entrepreneurs are looking to close the big deal, update their yearend financials, create the next year’s programs, offerings and products, finish what’s left on their to-do list, and plan for next year. WHEW! That’s a heavy load.

Many entrepreneurs get overwhelmed and either bury themselves in endless hours of work, missing the joy of the holidays all together, or bury their heads in the sand and just give up.

When I started my business, I learned early on that I wanted and needed support, especially when business got busy. I recognized that I needed a trusted partner, a collaborator and accountability partner. I needed outside perspective and support so I could see the forest for the trees. And most of all, I needed space and time for to sort out all that was on my plate and focus on the things that would help me reach my goals.

So what about you? How could coaching help you in your business? Do you have a plan for your plan? Do you know how and have the support to get out of overwhelm? How will you be most efficient and most effective in these last few weeks of the year and more importantly how can you set yourself up for next year to be the best year ever?!

Here are a few areas where coaching can help you manage the next few weeks.

  1. Prioritization – Help you prioritize the tasks you have on your list now and the ones that will help you develop and grow your business next year
  2. Stress and Overwhelm relief– Help you create strategies for managing stress, overwhelm and fears that stop you from reaching your goals.
  3. Focus and taking action – Support in discovering your best productivity methods and provide accountability so that you stay on task!
  4. Joy – Support you in finding joy in your work, yourself and the holidays like never before via creating true life balance.

So however you are experiencing this holiday season, consider how investing in coaching now, could be perfect gift to give yourself and your business!


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