About Kim Miles, ACC Certified Executive Coach

View More: http://blissfulimpressions.pass.us/kim-milesKim L. Miles loves coaching clients who are highly motivated and willing to utilize internal and external resources to achieve maximum success and fulfillment in their professional and personal life. She connects with people on all levels and utilizes her coach training, God given talents, and professional and personal experience to enhance her work with clients.

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Kim is a Certified Business Coach through the International Coach Federation.  She is a professional with over 15 years of experience in various industries including engineering, telecommunications, and aerospace.

Kim continues her professional training in COACHU’s Advanced Coaching Program and is on track for her PCC certification.

How Kim came to coaching:

Throughout my life I was good at math and science so when it came time to select a college, I was encouraged to go to an engineering college.  I graduated from Colorado School of Mines in 1993 with a BS in Electrical Engineering and knew that it wasn’t the field for me. My commitment to “get my money’s worth of my degree” and not disappoint anyone, motivated me to stay in engineering for many years.  Finally after years of experience in various roles and searching for the right fit, I found my true calling – Coaching.

Having a Greater Impact:

Because of my deepest desire to have an even greater coaching impact in the corporate world, I partner with other service professionals to provide complete holistic programs to meet clients needs.

I partner with other coaches, productivity consultants, strategic illustrators, marketing specialists and other service professionals.

Life Purpose:

Kim’s life purpose is to genuinely connect with people and establish meaningful relationships that support, encourage and allow for personal development and growth.


Kim enjoys most all things personal development – physical, spiritual, and mental.  Kim is currently trying/improving her skills at running, Yoga, meditation and strength training.  She finds true joy in spending time with family and friends and feels that every experience, good or bad, is an opportunity for growth.  Kim enjoys the outdoors and is somewhat of a risk taker many areas of life.  She lives in the beautiful state of Colorado and has a wonderful family – husband, daughter and two step kids as well as an amazing extended family. Kim acknowledges she has been truly blessed in all aspects of her life.