Coaching Testimonials

Results speak for themselves. The following testimonials offer a small window to how Kim’s coaching has helped professionals in various fields produce at a higher level and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Kim Miles is a coach’s coach. As her client and a coach myself the best way to describe Kim’s coaching style is that she taps into the soul of the matter. Kim goes for the gold. Kim gives you the clarity and tools that you need to work through your issues ~ Executive Coach

After just one hour with Kim, I’ve seen a shift in my business. It’s not the new opportunity. It’s not my web site or my ranking on Google. What’s important is I now really know my business, what I want, how to get there, and I now have the confidence to move me further ahead. Thanks, Kim Miles…you truly are a gem at what you do! ~ Small Business Owner

Kim Miles was a guest speaker at my annual sales conference in Westminster, Colorado.  Kim captivated the audience of about 60 insurance agents.  I was amazed at how much I learned from Kim during this short 45 minute presentation.  Kim helps professionals understand themselves better, which allows you to focus your energy on the things that you do well! I’d highly recommend Kim Miles as a business coach and public speaker. ~ Insurance Agent

I am a coach and have worked with Kim on several occasions. Her approach has always been one of systematic thoroughness as she works with clients to take on new challenges. She is uniquely gifted in helping them recognize and deal with weaknesses, plan realistic goals and reach their full potential. I would recommend Kim to anyone who’s serious about growing personally and professionally.” ~ Executive & Business Coach

I was really “stuck.”  I had just revamped my business model and services and just didn’t seem to be able to get past a certain point in my progress.  I’d let all the “voices” of too many people’s advice keep ringing in my ears and I fell into “analysis paralysis.”  Kim was able to get me out of that.  She helped me see things with greater clarity, and helped me to realize that I already had all I needed, and helped me put it all into motion.  If you’re ready for business coach – you need Kim! ~ Small Business Owner

You really made me understand how identifying and implementing my values into my business will really lead to success. Truly mind boggling, and I am willing to bet that more than a few other attendees are still reeling from their own observations. I recommend your workshop to EVERYONE who is serious about their business. ~Community Focused Entrepreneur

The shifts that have occurred within me working with Kim these last 6 months has been astounding.  In such a short amount of time she has helped me to bring forth a realization of my true talents and gifts that have been hidden away due to fear.  My increased confidence and actions over these few months have accounted for a 30 to 40% increase financially in both of my businesses. Looking at these results astounded me!!  I will be forever grateful to Kim for helping me to see and recognize my talents and gifts so others can witness what is possible for them as well. ~Business Owner and Certified Massage Therapist

Kim is the kind of coach every executive needs. She is willing to ask the tough questions and plod through the gunk in order to give practical advice leading to measurable results. Her insight is a gift. Kim is the right person for any leader wanting to get to the next level or stay effective where he/she is.  ~Senior Pastor

Ever the champion of ideas, Kim has a solid handle of concepts to move you forward when you need it. Helps to clarify what seems muddy and get to the heart of the issue.  ~Engineer / Manager

Kim is a skilled communicator and has a knack for helping her clients push through the toughest of barriers to help them reach a higher level of success. I whole-heartedly recommend her services to anyone who is interested in becoming more successful on all fronts, personal and financial.  ~Loan Consultant

Kim’s coaching abilities have really helped me get a grasp on areas of my personal and professional life that needed attention. She listens intently to what I have to say and offers advice tailored to my situation and personality. I highly recommend her services.  ~Loan  Officer

Kim Miles is a professional.  I had never experienced a coaching call before so I was a little unprepared for some of the questions involved in coaching.  Kim is gentle yet persistent in helping you identify your goals.  ~Independent Financial Services Professional

Kim is a caring and invested coach. She brought herself completely to each session, which helped me respond in a like manner. I have seen a complete turnaround in my perspective in how I approach my small business and my clients. Thank you Kim!  ~ Independent Consultant