View More: your coach, my goal is to help you define and achieve your vision of success faster and with more joy.  In business and life you face challenges of being responsible for people, projects, and financials, often times having to think tactically as well as strategically. You are expected to be all things to many people.

Having an executive coach helps the client to navigate through the challenges quickly and easily allowing success and growth to come at a much faster rate.

The Clients who receive the most benefit from coaching with me and with whom I work most effectively have these characteristics:

  • They Have a Deep Desire to Successfully Grow their Business - My Clients are eager to take their business to the next level.  They will do what it takes to stretch and develop themselves and their team in order to reach their goals.
  • They Value Personal and Professional Development – My Clients are passionate about growth and development in all areas of their life.  They want to experience joy in all areas of life and are willing to stretch beyond their comfort zone to attain complete fulfillment.
  • They Value Outside Support – My clients are capable of anything they set their minds to and recognize the value of the coaching relationship.  It is one of partnership, outside perspective, strategy creation, accountability, support and celebrations of wins.
  • They are Passionate about Improving Their Business Culture – All of my clients are passionate about their work and want to create a workplace culture that they and others love.  They want to bring out the very best in their direct reports and colleagues and fulfill their company’s vision.
  • They Value Our Work Together – All of my Clients respect the value of our relationship and are comfortable with the coaching fee structure.  Ideal Clients have or are willing to budget for coaching in the same manner they budget for other aspects of their business that result in success.

If you fit the criteria above, check out the following Kim L Miles offers to help you take your business to the next level.

Success Stories

I saw changes (in my business) after the 1st month…(Kim helped me) grow my business, make changes to my work habits, hold me accountable and overall, just be an incredible coach!  ~Business Owner

Set goal of 10 end users and accomplished 35,000 end users within 9 months. ~Entrepreneur Software Development

Increased sales by 25% in one week. ~Advertising Account Representative

Within the last 2 months of running my business and having you as my coach, I have hit my goals every month, and surpassed many of them!  I have had other business coaches and that kind of success had never happened! ~Business Owner