Recommended Business Services

As an executive and business coach, I work with and am affiliates with many amazing service organizations. Connecting people with the others who can provide needed service and support is an extension of meaningful coaching.

Professional Services:


Mountain Financial LLC - Jeff Webb

Clear Path Accountants — Natalya Itu, CPA

Steel Street Bank & Trust - Chris Waters

Marketing and Advertising:

Biz Card Express - Kristine Lawton

CMM Creative Strategies — Chere Martin

One Ton Creative Design Group - Aden Holt

Stellar Media Marketing – Kelly Mirabella

Xcite Media Group LLC – Brian Hansen

Real Estate/Mortgage:

8Z Mortgage - Erin Bradley

Commercial Real Estate – Nick Schill

Madison & Company - Euan Graham


Ascent Builders Inc - Jason Brown

Carpet Cleaning- Mindy Glowacz

Plumber – John Dehaan

Roofer – Zach Bignell


Farmers Insurance - Mike Schmisek

Professional Organizer- Major Mom’s professional organizers set up systems and teach skills to manage your business and living space.

Phone Systems – Phil Supinski

Personal Assistant – Brenda Parker

Personal Services:

Health and Wellness:

Acupuncture - Yimu Yang

Chiropractor - Andrew Becker

Health Insurance – Kelly Dimond

Juice Plus+ — Nicole Younkin

Massage – Robert Alexander

Optician – Jeanine McCleery

Personal Trainer - Audra Burns

Pilates of the Rockies - Margaret Lincoln

Wellness Coach - Lynn Sheffield


Counseling - Ariel Friese

Healing Circle Therapy —  Karen Mills Beavers, LCSW

Sunrise Hypnotherapy —  Paula Robbins, CCHt

Psychotherapy — Sue Peterson RN and therapist  303-680-5830


AK Studio - Angie DeFrancis-Cox (Stylist)

A Gift from the Heart - Sloan Waters

Attorney - Stephanie Dahl

Arbonne Intl - Nina Sloan

City Frames – Joseph Amram

Dentist - Colleen Carter

Estate Planning Attorney – Marion Keyes

OHM Beads - Fresh new jewelry line inspired by all the things nearest and dearest to your heart – from family, romance, nature and humor to travel and culture.   Joy Pierson, Owner

Photographer Blissful Impressions- Talia Kite


Motivational Speakers/Authors

Polly Letofsky

Lauren E. Miller