Lead with Strengths & Values™ For Teams

According to Talent Management, The top Two of the Five Workplace Trends are Moving from Management Principals to Leadership Values and Focus on workplace Culture as a Means to Grow the Business.  One of the fastest ways to implement such ideas is for employees and managers alike to understand themselves and others at a level that promotes effective communication, successful teamwork and career fulfillment.

Lead with Strengths and Values™ Workshop addresses challenges with team cohesiveness and supports effective communication via understanding of unique styles and preferences of each individual.

This program is based on the CORE® MAP and covers topics such as individual strengths and abilities, emotional intelligence, values, overall development, motivators, energizers and drivers, to name a few. Strengths in these areas lead to results including:

  1. Reduced turnover
  2. Effective customer interactions
  3. Increased customer loyalty
  4. A more positive work environment
  5. Higher revenues

Participants will:

  • Utilize the CORE® MAP Self Assessment tool to give insight to how an individual’s strengths can improve communication and effectiveness
  • Understand how to use their personal traits to work for them and the company
  • Learn a Values Based approach to better decision making and team alignment

Resulting in:

  • Managers who are self-aware and focused on effective communication and development of themselves and future leaders
  • Motivated employees that maximize team, as well as their own, contribution
  • Fully functional and cohesive teams
  • Team environments based on communication and focused on ultimate project success